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Presentation:The International Day of Peace

PEACE DOVES E 1.2-1.3 on PhotoPeach

Gap filling exercise : "Heal the World"

1-Listen to the song and fill in the gaps with the words below:

nations – me x 2– love – living x 3 – see x 2– world x 6 – place x 4 – you x 2
cry x2 – space x 2 – heart x 2 – dying – face – die – brothers - tomorrow

"Heal The World": Michael Jackson

There's a place
in your ___________(1)
and I know that it is love
And this place
could be much brighter than ___________(2)
And if you
really try
you'll find there's no need to _________ (3)
In this place
you'll feel there's no hurt or sorrow

There are
ways to get there
if you care enough for the __________(4)
make a little __________ (5)
make a better ____________(6)...


HEAL THE ___________(7)
MAKE IT A BETTER _________(8)
FOR _______(9) AND FOR _______(10)
PEOPLE _____________(11)
MAKE A BETTER ___________(13)
FOR ______ (14) AND FOR _______(15) )

If you want
to know why
there's a _______(16) that cannot lie
Love is strong
it only cares for joyful giving
If we try
we shall ________(17)
in this bliss we cannot feel
fear or dread
We stop existing and start giving

Then it feels that always
love's enough for us growing
so make a better ___________(18)
make a better ___________(19)...


And the dream we were conceived in
will reveal a joyful _________(20)
And the ________(21)we once believed in
will shine again in grace
Then why do we keep strangling life
wound this Earth crucify its soul
Though it's plain to _________(22)
this _________ (23)is heavenly
Be God's glow

We could fly
so high
Let our spirits never ______(24)
In my __________(25)
I feel you are all my __________(26)
Create a __________(27)
with no fear
together we'll _____(28) happy tears
See the __________(29) turn their swords
into ploughshares

We could
really get there
if you cared enough for the __________(30)
make a little ___________(31)
to make a better _____________(32)...

( CHORUS X 3 )

"Heal the World", Michael Jackson